salli Valley


Enjoy The Nature

Salli is best place to connect with yourself with its peaceful environment.
One get real experience to be in grandeur of Himalayas and opportunity to feel mountain hospitality,
its culture and warm welcoming of tribal people.
Most of people who got to salli, felt Sallii as there home.

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Your Home In Salli


Home Sweet Home - salli

Salli valley situated in the heart of the nature. It is covered by high hills and deep valleys. Being still a virgin place, it gives us opportunity to be in deep forest, rivers, waterfalls and rich nature all over. Salli has very special and calm energy. Many incredible treks begin from salli valley such as kareri lake trek, Boh valley trek, and lam dal trek.It is far from pollution, population, and corruption. People who live here are tribal people with rich warm heart. There are many
different kinds of birds and beautiful animals.

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